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China shows a fine example for reforestation

China reforestation

In China, deforestation was a common word due to its growth in population and in the  industrial sector until 10 years back. Due to its unprecedented growth , China had to cut down a large area of its forests every year for farming and other domestic purposes.

The results were as environmentalists expected. Rivers started getting dry and the once fertile lands became barren. This made the government and the people in China to think otherwise.

Like several organizations and countries, China also stepped up efforts to increase its forests. The results this time were much positive and appreciated. About 1.32 percentage of the total area of forests got increased.

History shows that this increase in the forest area by reforestation is the most by any country. This is shown as a big leap in the worldwide effort against Global warming. This fine example from China is being taken as a benchmark for many countries.

In India. the total forest area has come down to only 23 percentage of the total area of the country. It is already late to start reforestation throughout the country in order to bring up the percentage to 33 which is the target set.

The environmental ministry and all the other NGOs working for this can set this as an example for its future plans.

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