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Varikkassery mana cover

Varikkassery Mana, where heritage wins time

‘At dusk Mangalassery Neelakandan sitting in front of his palatial ancestral home ‘a scene which inspired all the film lovers and I was actually in search of “Mangalassery Tharavadu”. Finally the search completed in Manissery Village, Ottapalam Town in Palakkad District, Kerala where the Tharavadu was actually the Famous Varikkasery.The magnificent marvelous structure which speaks volumes of past glory in present tense. Varikkassery Mana Varikkasery Mana is an old Nalukettu Tharavadu in the place Manissery in Ottapalam Town, which is an old Ancestral home used by the Namboothiri Clan from Kerala for more than 1000 years. The Mana situated in a picturesque landscape of more than 10 acres which contains a beautiful Pond, Two Temples and two Pathayapuras and trees that includes all types of indigenous ones. Archaeology In 4 Acres, Varikkasseri Mana consists of one Nalukettu, two Pathayappuras (Outhouse): one to the south ( Thekke Pathayappura) and other to the west ( Padinjare pathayappura), A Sreekrishna temple, Oottupura and a marvelous large pond with kulappura ( a building at the pond-entrance). Mana was built …