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8 Useful tips for tent camping

How to pitch a tent

Do you know how to pitch a tent ? Have you ever tried to assemble one tent in your trip? I know pitching a tent in your backpacking trips can be extremely challenging and exhausting task for the beginners. Some travelers will take countless attempts to setup one after so many failures.For those travel mates I have compiled some tips for tent camping.

Where to pitch a tent?

Where to pitch a tent

Setting up a tents is all about the location where you are planning to pitch. Location of the tent is having significant role in the comfort and safety of your stay.

Comparatively cold and flat ground places are apt for setting up the tents. Because of the same reason the presence of the insects can be there. As precaution for that, kindly consider checking the place properly before setting up the tent especially when you are setting up it in the night.

Consider the wind exposure

wind exposure

Campsite with a natural windbreak is the best place for pitching your tent. No matter where you’re camping try to setup the tent in such a way that the door of the tent is facing away from the wind for proper protection from strong gusts.

If you position the door of the tent into the wind, your tent will feel drastically colder because of the poor insulation.

There can be chances for unexpected wind in the cold places, that too from random directions. So it is recommended to tie the tents with ropes to nearby trees or poles that usually comes with tents. This part is very important if your place of stay is prone to frequent weather changes.

How to setup the tent?

Next important step is to setup the tent. Here I am not covering a detailed explanation of the tent setup since the process can vary between tent models. Most of the tent packages will be having a proper user manual with a pretty decent explanation of its assembly.

Make sure the user manual is included in the bag or ensure that somehow you will be able to learn the assembly. You will be able to find results for most of the tent models in YouTube. When I started writing the tips for tent camping, even i have done some research in YouTube for the same.

A rehearsal assembly prior to your trip would be helpful if you are playing with the tents for the first time.This proper homework can save your day during the trip. There are situations when the tent assembly will suck all the time which could have used for other things.Be an expert in the tent assembly before the trip itself.

Miscellaneous tips for tent camping

It is recommended to have a pepper spray with you while setup the tents. Spraying it on the outer of the tent can avoid the trespassing of insects. Pepper spray is helpful for the self-protection as well. Other alternatives are also available in the market but this option will be comparatively cheaper for you.

Buying of a mat with thermo coating along with the tent would be really helpful. Thermal insulation is the reduction of heat transfer (the transfer of thermal energy between objects of differing temperature) between objects in thermal contact.

This can make sure your sleep much comfortable. This mat will be useful if you are staying in places having excess of hot/cold. Quechua is a very good brand where you can find some good thermo coated mats and sheets.

tips for tents

Tarpaulin sheet is another important thing for a tent as much as thermo coated mat. Tarpaulin sheets are highly recommended in rainy seasons or when the land is considerably wet.

Setting up the tent on the top of a tarpaulin sheet can offer you a very good sleep in rainy season. This sheets can help you to make your tents neat and clean without any mud.

Who wants to sleep in mud huh? Usage of tarpaulin sheets can increase the life span of your tents as well.

Control on the light sources in your tent

Control on the light sources

Try to avoid the fancy lights in the tents which can attract the wild animals if you are staying in forest area. This will invite unwanted headaches to your tent even if the lights are there for your comfort. Better we can turn off the lights once the use is over. Why we need uninvited people in our tents?

These are some of the tips for tent camping which came to my mind while writing this post, readers suggestions are most welcome in the comments area.

Control on the noise from your tent

Yes, you need a proper control on the noise. Noise reduction is very important among all the tips for tent camping especially if your stay is near to forest area.

Understand that you are not going to sleep inside your luxurious soundproof bedroom, so mind the noise you will be making there. Kindly avoid the use of portable speakers, but if you are very fond of listening music use your headphones. We shouldn’t disturb others in their place.

Don’t leave your footprint on the earth

We need to save this earth for the coming generations as well. In order for everyone to be able to appreciate Mother Nature’s gift for many years to come, take care of your environmental responsibilities. Dispose all the waste properly and don’t leave any trace of your visit there, on your campsite when you leave.

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