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Illickal kallu gets cleaned up by Sancharis

Illikkal Kallu

We always advise about not polluting the places you visit so that nature is always kept at its best for the future. But a group of travelers of the ‘Sanchari‘ group have done more than that. They saw the nature’s beauty  in Illickal Kallu and did their to make it more by cleaning up the place. The Illickal Kallu is situated in the Erattupetta Wagamon route. It has become recently famous when many travelers visited and shared experiences through social media. As there is very little management of waste in the area, everything left by the visitors remained there itself. This included empty bottles, plastic covers, food items ,etc. As this is the originating point of the Meenachal River, all the waste materials put into the river will reach the Vembanad Lake and adds to the pollution of the lake. Thus the enthusiastic ‘Sancharis’ of the Kottayam unit decided to take up the challenge of cleaning up the place and river banks to bring back its virginity.

The group came in 60 bikes to the base of Illickal kallu hill to participate in the cleaning up drive. They picked up and removed all the waste materials which was left there by visitors as well as the shops there. After the clean up, a session about proper disposal of wastes and protecting the nature was organized for the Visitors and Shopkeepers of the area. The drive has been named as ‘Travel with Nature’ and a logo was unveiled as part of the drive.

The Sanchari group has their units in all districts of Kerala. They are bringing up many kinds of initiatives like Road safety, Blood donation campaigns and nature clubs . The moving shoe team takes up this opportunity and congratulate the Sancharis for their love for nature and the wonderful work they are carrying out which can inspire many.

Kudos to the team sanchari!! You can explore about the illikal mountain in tripadvisor.


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