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Planning your ideal holiday

Step by step guide to planning your ideal holiday

In your holidays, have you ever packed all stuffs in one night and set out to a destination which you never heard of? How great that experience was? Is this how you are doing in your holidays? Then this post is for those people, who never used to plan the holiday journeys properly. Unless and until you are traveling like a kite, you should know the actual steps you need to follow for executing a cost effective holiday trip whether it is backpacking or family trip Let’s go through this step by step guide. Decide Your Destination Deciding your destination is very important whether you are into backpacking, glampacking or traveling with your family. I have seen many people traveling without a destination in mind. Most of them are merely following a group or family without even knowing which all destinations they are going to visit. Sounds similar? Choosing a destination is very important while planning your holidays, as it will give you a definite goal. Deciding the destination should be your first milestone which …

Travel tips to save your wallet

Travel tips to save your wallet

Travelers always seek for new places. A place far away from home, with a different culture and environment is definitely in any traveler’s wishlist. But most of us face the issue of money. Long Trips means, more money. It is always important that you save enough for one and this should be done without hurting your living budget. In the mean time it is essential that you save for your future as well. Looks pretty complex, isn’t it. No, we are not talking about money savings plan here. These are very small things which you can change without much strain on you monthly budget. But the magic of the same done in a few months is pretty amazing. The money saving tips Calculate how much you can save for the trip without hurting your monthly expenses and long term savings. Think of those spending which can be avoided and create a minimum amount that should be going to the trip savings. Try to save more than the minimum amount every month Reduce the number of …