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11 Things you need to pack for your Goa trip


If you’re planning a Goa vacation to enjoy the best of its beaches and parties during the Sunburn Festival, do read this post before packing your bags for the trip. Goa is a place, completely for outdoor fun activities and water sports.

Here are some of my recommendations for your Goa trip.

1. Sunscreen

You are not going to Goa for enjoying your complete time inside a Casino. Goa is popular for the outdoor activities and hence sunscreen is very much required. Get a good sunscreen that does not make you sweat, since you’re going to be quite hot and sweaty from all that partying. Always prefer branded sunscreens when it comes for your skin protection.

2. Sunglasses

Needless to stay, but inevitable in Goa. It will protect your eyes from harsh sun rays as well as sand in the beaches. They are also make for great cover-ups for sleepy or hung-over eyes. People have the habit of staring others when it’s an open beach, so sunglasses will make you comfortable there also. Be a good guy like me.

3. First Aid Box

Goa will be completely packed with outdoor fun activities and chances are there for medical emergencies. Pack in some basic medicines for headaches, colds, tummy runs and the like. If you are a hardcore party animal, it might be a good idea to have some OTC anti-hangover pills on you.

4. Water bottles

Goa is a place where water bottles are costlier than beer bottles. So always find shops where you can manage water bottles for a reasonable price and carry some bottles with you. If you have the habit of sweat like a pig, recommend you to drink more water.

Too much of dehydration will happen in Goa due to the climate condition there, so carrying two or three water bottles with you will be really needful.

5. The footwear

All the time you can’t wear your same branded shoes everywhere in Goa. There is going to be a lot of toe stepping and dancing so carry a pair of comfortable footwear like the ones from ‘Crocs’ that cover your toes and are waterproof as well.

6. Jackets

The climate conditions in Goa demands it. It’s going to be pretty hot in the day but the sea breeze can be a bit nippy in the evenings. It’s always a good idea to carry a light jacket that can also be used as a pillow or a mat to sit on the sand.

7. Fanny Pack

It’s always burden to carry bags wherever you travel. Instead of a sling bag or a tote, carry all your essentials in a stylish fanny pack that comfortably rests on your waist and is easy to access. Your hands can then be gainfully employed in dancing or holding your drinks.

8. Power Banks

You will keep on traveling long distances mostly on scooters, since there you can easily find “rent a bike” service for a cheaper price. Do you think that you will be able to charge your phone traveling? Here comes the importance of power banks. It will be always helpful for your long journeys from your room.

9. Selfie sticks

Literally inevitable thing for young travelers. Nowadays they can’t sleep without posting a selfie image in Facebook with a check in status. You will find so many nomads in Goa and spending some bucks on a selfie stick won’t disappoint you for sure.

10. Moisturiser

A very much needed item for Goa’s weather. The skin will become dry very quickly even though you are filling the stomach with water bottles. I recommend to carry the skin moisturizers also in your bag for the Goa trip.

11. Cowboy Hat

Wearing a hat while traveling is a great idea, especially in hot temperatures. It’s function is to shield your face and neck from getting sunburned.I would recommend to wear the hat rather than packing it in your bag.

You’ll most likely be wearing a comfortable outfit while traveling so a hat is a great way to add some style to your look.

These are some of the essential things you may need to carry or pack for your Goa trip. Do you have any more suggestions ? feel free to add in the comments.

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