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Mystical Spot in Portugal Where Water Flows Uphill

Everybody knows that Portugal is full of mystical places like medieval castles, palaces of Porto, castles of Sintra. But we can explanation for most of these mysteries in Portugal.

The “Braga Bom Jesus” experience is, something different and a must visit place in Braga. You will definitely wonder when you come to know the mystery about that place.

The Braga Bom Jesus

Braga, a small town about three-and-a-half hours north of Lisbon, is known as the “Portuguese Rome” for its stunning churches and architecture.

The location has fantastic views in the valley. The sculptures were outstanding and very meaningful.
Many hilltops in Portugal and other parts of Europe have been sites of religious devotion since antiquity, and it is possible that the Bon Jesus hill was one of these.

The meaning of “Bom Jesus de Monte” Sanctuary is “Good Jesus of the Mount”. But it’s behind this iconic structure that a true modern mystery awaits curious drivers.

You just need to put your car into neutral and wait for the mystery to happen. Instead of continuing down the road, your car will climb backward up the hill.

It looks like an inconspicuous hill but the magic will surprise you for sure. You can see so many videos about this in YouTube as well.

Definitely there’s an explanation behind why this happens—and there are plenty of other locations around the world where you can find the same situation.

These special places are called gravity hills, or landscapes that appear uphill because of the surrounding landscape, but actually have a slight decline.

According to io9, most gravity hills are located in areas where you can’t easily see the horizon in any direction, making it easy to obscure your perception of what’s up and what’s down.

Knowing this, it’s easy to understand when cars “climb” a hill, or why water appears to flow upward. And physics aside, it’s a great prank for an unsuspecting travel buddy.

How to get to bom jesus do monte from braga

There’s a bus (#2) that goes from downtown Braga up to the Bom Jesus complex. The stop in town is on the west side of Avenida da Liberdade (the main street that starts at the southwest corner of the Praça da República) just after it intersects with the Rua do Raio.

There’s a bus every half hour or so (less frequent on Sundays) and the trip takes about 20 minutes. Bom Jesus is the last stop, at the foot of the famous staircase.

Unless you’re handicapped, forget the funicular and walk up the stairs – it looks harder that it actually is. You can stop often to examine the fountains and statues, and to turn around and look at the view.

Bom jesus do monte opening hours – 9AM To 7PM

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