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Parunthumpara or the eagle rock

Parunthumpara hill top

To view the unending green hills and valleys on top of a lone rock is fascinating. Even more when it comes after a little arduous walk. Parunthumpara offers you this. The place is a perfect evening spot for travelers who can enjoy the cool climate and get a birds-eye view of the lush green forests and an incredible waterfall.

The walk towards the tip of the rock is a bit challenging yet not too difficult. There are several places where you can sit and relax in groups. Several view points are already set up but the view from the tip of the rock is the best of all. If you are lucky enough, you will be able to get the view of Sabarimala forest if the skies are clear.

Best time to visit Parunthumpara

Parunthumpara is ideally suited for travelers who are on the way or returning from Thekkady which is only 30 KM from here. Parunthumpara can be visited any time during the day with evenings most preferred as the weather is most enjoyable at that time. Once it gets dark, as it is a rough hilly area, the place is risky.

If you are preparing a list of places to visit in Vagamon don’t miss amazing destination since Vagamon is only 31 KM away from here. On the day of Makara Sankranthi, pilgrims visiting Sabaramila visits this area to see the Makarajyothi which is believed to be a celestial light which the Lord Ayyappa shows as a blessing to his devotees. This is one among very few places where Makarajyoti is visible.

View from ParunthumparaView from Parunthumpara

Even though Parunthumpara is not having its mark in the tourism map of kerala, it is definitely getting more known from the experiences of travelers who came across this place. The scope for adventure tourism in Parunthumpara is getting bigger. The place is attracting a large number of domestic tourists especially during weekends.

Before you head to Parunthumpara

As there is a small element of risk associated with the climb to the Parunthumpara rock, please make sure that you are careful. It is better to wear a pair of shoes as it will give more grip. Always carry enough water with you.

As there are no fences or railings present in the tip of the rock,  always be careful there. Please make sure that the rock tip area is not overcrowded as this is enough to cause a small mistake which can lead to a big disaster.

ParunthumparaThe complete view of Parunthumpara

How to reach Parunthumpara

Parunthumpara is 3Km from the National Highway 220. The nearest town is Peermade (Peerumedu) where accommodation is possible. A much bigger town will be Thekkady which is already an important tourists attraction in Kerala. Buses ply frequently in the NH 220 route, mainly in Kottayam Kumily direction or Ernakulam Kumily direction.

The nearest railway stations are Kottayam or Ernakulam with Ernakulam being more prominent and the nearest airport is Cochin International Airport.


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