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Questions you might have faced when you announce your solo travel plan

Questions you might have faced when you announce your solo travel plan

Nowadays it’s common that people are traveling solo. It’s take courage and commitment to plan a solo trip. Definitely your friends and family will ask you 1000 questions regarding this. Certain questions will doubt ourselves to proceed with the solo trip plan.

It’s easy for planning a solo trip, nobody will be there to control you, no need to follow and strict time lines. You can spend as much as time you want at your favorite destination. But it’s little painful to execute the solo trips.

Here are some of the questions and worries you might have faced from your dear and near.

Why you are going alone? Can’t you go with your friends?

The answer to this question is pretty simple. Tell them you have enough friends, but you value your time with yourself more. Traveling alone will give you more responsibilities and capabilities. So it’s always a learning experience in life to travel alone.

Won’t you get bored traveling solo?

It’s a perspective question. Traveling solo will help you to find new people and new places more over new cultures. How these memories can be boring for a traveler? It’s all about a passion of traveling. People from outside will think you are mad for executing solo trips. Here are my tips to travel solo


Do you think it’s safe for you?

A strategic question every parents can ask to brainwash you, especially to women. If something has to go wrong, it will go wrong only. No one can change the fate. Safety is more or less the same thing whether you travel solo or in group.

Just let your family and friends know that, you have planned everything for the solo travel by anticipating the situations. Tell them that you have the police station number and any sort of rescue numbers with you (Actually please have them).

Do a well research about the destination and the safe time to travel there. Travel portals can help you out here to find the details. The most important point is about the network coverage for your mobile.
Inform the important people well in advance that you are entering into a network restricted/ no network area.

Are you a loser in your life for solo travel?

People who wants to enjoy things in their own way will love for solo travel. There is nothing to do with whether they are a loser or loner in life. It’s a common saying that solo travelers might have failed in life or had a love failure in life.

I don’t think this point is valid, but unfortunately some of them are hardcore solo travelers because of love failures.

These are some of the common questions people will ask to a solo travelers. I know there are infinite number of possible questions people can ask. Share your thoughts as well, Let’ see how many solo travelers are facing similar questions.

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